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After you've booked your session and signed the contract, the fun begins. We will email you a questionnaire to find out all about you. Likes and dislikes, favorite colors, places, styles and dreams. This will be your chance to tell us about the senior photoshoot you've always envisioned. We will text/talk/Pinterest all about locations, outfits, props, themes and more! We will also send you a welcome packet in the mail that includes our what to wear guide, tips for the session, a time line and a few other goodies.

We'd encourage you to pack all your clothes, shoes, accessories and props in a suitcase for easy transportation. Make sure everything is ironed and picture perfect. 

Don't forget about your nails. A fresh gel manicure in a nice neutral color looks amazing but if that's not your style at least take all your polish off. 

Trim your hair into your usual style one week before the shoot. On the day of the shoot come with clean dry hair and a fresh moisturized face. 

If you plan to tweeze or wax your eyebrows do it at least 3 days before the shoot. 

Don't stress, enjoy the process and leave it to us to walk you through the whole process. 






The Photoshoot

The day of your scheduled shoot will begin with hair and makeup in the afternoon. The process of hair, makeup and wardrobe planning takes about 2 hours. While you're being pampered with your perfect look we will discuss the game plan. Where to go, what outfits will look best on camera and we will resolve any questions. You will have access to our Style Closet to find the perfect pair of earrings, a flower crown or whatever other accessories you need to make your outfits stand out. They whole day will take 5-6 hours. We have snacks and water for you to keep you feeling your best. 

On location we will calm all your nerves by telling you exactly what to do. We evaluate your body language and pose you based on what feels and looks natural. The most common concern we get is "I feel nervous that I won't know what to do during the shoot." We're here to tell you that if you book with us you don't need to worry about that for one second! We have years of experience in model posing. We also have a pose book for those girls that are visual learners. Some prefer to be verbally directed and some prefer to see what they're supposed to do. Either way you're covered. We aim for some posed photos and some candid photos in each outfit and location. 

We will also change your lipstick color with each outfit and change up your hairstyle. This provides multiple looks in one shoot.






Deluxe Ordering Session

A deluxe ordering session is an in person ordering appointment. We don’t want to leave you to look through a confusing online gallery and try to make important decisions.  About 2-3 weeks after your shoot, we will meet at the LK Photoshoots lounge where we will watch a slide show of your photo gallery. You'll see the best 25-35 images from your shoot. We will show you all of the products that we offer so you can touch, feel, and handle them all you want!  We want you to know and fall in love with exactly what you are purchasing before you do!

During your ordering session, you will order that gorgeous canvas for your wall and decide which photos will go in your custom photo box.  You'll choose which wallets you want to trade with your friends. We can help you decide what photos will go best with your decor and what size would work best in your space.  Our clients love that we can help them decide what goes where and design your storyboard right in front of you, so you know it is exactly what you want. You will leave your ordering session confident in knowing exactly what you will be receiving. 

Immediately after your deluxe ordering session we will process your payments and your order will be on its way for you to enjoy!  

And now the highest of congratulations are in order. You did it. You're an LK Photoshoots alumni. Welcome to the club, we're so glad you joined.