"I chose LK because they were so highly recommended by some of my best friends! My favorite thing was being able to split my session so that I was able to take my senior yearbook portraits at one time and my full senior photos session at a later date. It was amazing how fast everything was and convenient because of their central location. The process was very fun and I felt very comfortable the entire time! I highly recommend anyone looking for some high quality photos to consider LK!! :)"

senior photographer california-150.jpg

"LK Photoshoots took my daughters senior pictures this past summer and it was such an amazing experience. It was fun and relaxed, yet she captured her perfectly and we got the most amazing pictures. From planning locations to hair and makeup, changing clothes and locations, to ending up soaking wet in the ocean, definitely one of my favorite times of senior year. If I could give them 10 stars I would."

"Kirsi made me feel so comfortable and confident. I was stressed at first but then I was cool, calm and collected because they tell you exactly what to do and help you through the whole process. It was fun the whole time and I especially loved the hair and makeup! I feel so happy with my images and I am excited to share them with my friends."

"LK Photoshoots is so nice and easy to work with. The experience was awesome and my daughter's pictures are beautiful. It was so hard to narrow them down!"

senior photographer california-154.jpg

"The best part about working with LK Photoshoots is how easy it is to get comfortable and have fun. My favorite part was getting ready and scouting out the best locations to take the pictures. I am SO happy with them!"

"I loved working with LK Photoshoots because of their packages, professionalism from start to finish and I loved that every detail was taken care of. My daughter's images are beautiful and I will definitely recommend LK to our friends."

"LK Photoshoots is so friendly and welcoming. My favorite part was looking at my beautiful, perfect images."

"LK Photoshoots is so friendly and there were SO many photo options. The whole experience was great and very comfortable. My daughter was captured perfectly in these beautiful images."


senior photographer california-141.jpg

senior photographer california-137.jpg

"The best part about working with LK Photoshoots is the genuine care for the best looks and also how comfortable I felt. From start to finish the shoot was easy, breezy and SO fun. My favorite part was bonding with Kirsi and just laughing and having a grand old time :)"

"LK Photoshoots is incredible quality coupled with clear communication throughout the entire process. As a parent, I appreciated the class email communication and the flexible packages and pricing. I feel like they captured my daughters personality and spirit. The makeup and hair were perfect too. I honestly don't know what they could have done better."

"I had the best experience with Lk photo shoots! Everything turned out amazing from the picture to the hair and make up. I would definitely recommend anyone to get their pictures done by Lk photoshoots! Kirsi really makes your picture experience so much fun!" 

senior photographer california-128.jpg

senior photographer california-124.jpg

"LK Photoshoots was very helpful and I felt so comfortable the entire time. My favorite part was having fun and being able to just relax and enjoy myself the whole time. I definitely am telling all my friends."

"Kirsi has a beautiful personality. The experience was excellent and very well organized. Kirsi did an awesome job with all the photos and I especially love the ones she took of both my children together."

"I liked how open she was to the ideas that I wanted to do. The experience overall was great and was a super fun easy process. My favorite part was going to all the different places and making the day into an adventure to get the best picture. I am excited, happy and in LOVE with my images. I really loved trying a flower crown and it ended up being one of my favorite images!"

"My favorite part about working with Kirsi is that she's not afraid to get her feet wet (literally) to get the right shot. The experience was great. It was fun and I enjoyed watching my daughter have her pictures taken. My favorite part was seeing Brooke get her hair and makeup done. I love the images and I am already telling other moms about LK Photoshoots."

senior photographer california-116.jpg

senior photographer california-113.jpg

"The best part of working with LK Photoshoots: how comfortable I felt the entire time! It was fun and I was really nervous at first but once we started taking pictures my nerves completely went away. My favorite part was wearing the flower crown. It was fun to try something different. My images are awesome and I wish all my senior friends could come to LK Photoshoots."

"Kirsi is a wonderful, fun and friendly person to work with. The shoot was super fun. My favorite part was driving around and finding good places to take pictures. I am recommending them to everyone I know! I love all the pictures but some of my favorites were the super close up ones."

"LK Photoshoots makes you feel comfortable and is really funny, relatable and awesome. I loved all the funny moments with Kirsi and my friends. I think the only thing I would change would be to add a Taco Bell run during the photoshoot."

"Kirsi was very helpful through the whole process. The experience was very easy. The images are beautiful especially the close up image with Jennifer in her hat."


"I liked that Kirsi did my hair and makeup and was willing to shoot at many different places. The experience was amazing, it made me feel like a model. My favorite part was getting my hair and makeup done all fancy. I'd describe my images as happy, beautiful, wonderful and sophisticated. I would definitely recommend LK Photoshoots to a friend!"

"I liked working with LK Photoshoots because they are so fun and professional. The whole experience was fun, new and exciting. My favorite part was the results on Courtney's makeup and hair. The images are amazing and I especially loved the beach ones."

"I love how Kirsi made me feel so relaxed, I went out being extremely nervous and ended up having the best time! In the beginning I was so uncomfortable and nervous and totally freaked out. By the end I was totally loosened up. My favorite part was how funny Kirsi is. We laughed the entire time and it was such an adventure. I am SO happy with my images. I was so worried they weren't going to be cute but they were and it makes me feel a whole lot more confident in myself. I have recommended them to all my friends and they have booked shoots already."

"I loved working with LK Photoshoots! I love that the did Juliana's hair and makeup. I love the fact that they picked original places to shoot and I also loved the fact that they took the time to listen to us and help us choose from their expertise. It was the greatest photoshoot experience that I have ever had. I would describe our images as classy, professional, beautiful and original. Everything was fabulous and we can't wait to have a family session with LK Photoshoots."

senior photographer california-110.jpg

" Lk Photoshoots made it so much fun and she encouraged me to try things that I normally wouldn't. The shoot was so laid back and easy and an overall great experience. My favorite part of the whole process was getting to dress up and hunt around for random locations. '''I love my images, they are so amazing!"

"Our experience with LK Photoshoots was efficient and enjoyable. I appreciated their professionalism, flexibility and talent. We are so fortunate to have these pictures!"

"I loved how fun and casual the atmosphere was during the shoot. It was very relaxed which was good because I was so nervous! My favorite part was driving around and hopping out at locations that looked good. I feel proud, surprised and happy with my images. I am recommending her to all the juniors at school."

"The best part of working with LK Photoshoots is Kirsi's personality and professionalism. The whole experience was excellent, fun and non-intimidating. I loved coming over to choose the photos."

senior photographer california-105.jpg

senior photographer california-83.jpg

"I liked how much I felt like a model and how fun my photoshoot was! When my curls fell, we fixed it super fast with a braid, which I loved. I loved the getting ready process. My images are beautiful, amazing and flawless. I recommend LK Photoshoots to all my friends."

"I liked working with LK Photoshoots because Kirsi is so nice and outgoing. She was open to all the locations and even suggested some good locations. The experience was worth every penny. It was so fun and Kirsi has an eye for the best backgrounds. I love all the images and especially the ones at the beach!"

senior photographer california-77.jpg

"I like how they made me feel so comfortable and it feels like I have known them forever! I would describe my experience as welcoming and full of smiles. My favorite part was being able to include the things that mean a lot to my family like my dad's car and my dog. I was scared to see the pictures but I really actually love them. I am excited and really happy."

"The best part about working with LK Photoshoots is that they were up for anything and willing to go anywhere. It was a very nice experience and fun for Alie. They are very organized. My favorite part was how comfortable they made us feel. I love all the images!"

"LK Photshoots is easy and fun to work with. The experience from start to finish was rockin'. The photos are all great!"

"I loved how relaxed and comfortable I felt, considering how nervous I was. The experience was nothing but exciting and fun. Getting pampered then going from location to location made me feel like a real model. I loved getting my hair and makeup done before the shoot, it made everything so fancy. Honestly these pictures have changed the way I look at myself."

"The best part about working with LK Photoshoots was that their marketing was easy to understand and use. Very clear instructions were given for before the photoshoot. The pictures are excellent and Kirsi is a true professional. My favorite part was looking at all the gorgeous photos. There are the most beautiful pictures and the quality and lighting are outstanding. Thank you for a great experience!" 

"LK Photoshoots was a great experience that made me feel comfortable and confident. They made me feel comfortable while they were taking the pictures. My favorite part was seeing how the pictures came out in the end!"

"There were so many choices of excellent quality images to choose from in a relaxed and fun envorinment. The hair and makeup seems like a relaxed afternoon with friends. The photoshoot itself was fun and the ordering session was easy. The best part was exploring the area for great spots to take photos. It was such a fun afternoon and not stressful at all! I loved the variety pf backgrounds, close ups and full body shots. I would definitely recommend LK Photoshoots to a friend for the amount of time taking the photos and the patience when choosing the photos."

"LK Photoshoots is super friendly and knows how to take beautiful photos. My favorite part of the whole process was looking at the pictures at the ordering session. The images are beautiful and I am so happy. My favorite is the one where I'm kissing my horse."

"I loved the presentation of the photos. LK Photoshoots is very family oriented and the pictures are fabulous."

senior photographer california-59.jpg

"The best part about working with LK Photoshoots is the photographers - Kirsi and Leena. It was such a fun and amazing experience. It was not awkward and I was comfortable as if I had known the photographers forever. My favorite part was getting my hair and makeup done. My images are fabulous and everything is perfect!"

"LK Photoshoots is so attentive and fun to be with. Because they are so friendly I did not think of the time and it went so fast. Our images are awesome and the whole process was so enjoyable."

senior photographer california-57.jpg

"LK Photoshoots is very down to earth. They made me genuinely laugh and I had a great shoot. If I had to choose one word to describe my shoot I would say adventure. They took on the locations I wanted and helped me own it by bringing my ideas to life. I am proud, excited and pleased with the pictures and have already referred them to my friends."

"I like the time they took taking all the photos and the fact that they were willing to travel to Morro Bay. I wanted Madeline to get the best possible photos and LK Photoshoots really delivered! My favorite part was her being able to have her hair and makeup done. I am so happy with the pictures."

"The best thing about working with LK Photoshoots is the fun, loose atmosphere. My experience was a great, fun and stress-free time. I am so happy with my images!"

"The best part of working with LK Photoshoots was the length of the shoot and the hair and makeup. The experience was wonderful and my daughter loved it! I loved all the special attention they gave her. We loved the whole process and love the photos."

senior photographer california-44.jpg

senior photographer california-43.jpg

"LK Photoshoots was an amazing experience! Not only do the pictures come out breathtaking but the photographer brings a heart warming welcome. The photoshoot was so much fun and it felt very comfortable and natural. Much love LK Photoshoots. This was an unforgettable experience."