Purchase the Products you Love

When you book a session at LK Photoshoots, you not only enjoy an experience that will help you build your confidence for the rest of your life, but you also have the opportunity to invest in preserving the memories of that experience in a luxurious way.

We know just like everyone else that pricing and budget come into play when clients are deciding on what to buy. But we also know that making payments on an INTEREST FREE plan is a great way to get what you want, without any extra fees! Which is why we offer two great options for you.


If you're interested in a payment plan to pay off your products, first you need to apply for paypal credit. They offer no interest/no payments for 6 months, and you get to pick up your products in about 3 weeks! Are you ready to invest in yourself? See if you qualify only takes a few seconds!

back-up plan: PAYMENT PLANS THROUGH LK Photoshoots

ONLY if you are not approved for PayPal Credit, you can still do an automatic, interest-free payment plan through us. Here are the details:

  • There is a minimum of $300 deposit on the day of your deluxe ordering session. The more you put down, the less your monthly payments will be.

  • This is an automatic payment system, which requires a credit/debit card AND a back up credit/debit card to be kept on file, with a signed contract. You must have two payment sources on file to participate in a payment plan. Payments are automatically charged on a recurring schedule.

  • Cash payment plans are not allowed, but you can use cash for your deposit if you’d like.

Please note: Products are only ordered once your payment plan is paid in full.

Should you decide one of the payment plan options is best for you, just let us know at your deluxe ordering session.