$225 Each

Limited availibility

The most unforgettable experience you'll EVER have with your best friend

Memories that last a lifetime - literally!



Your session includes:

  • A shared shoot from late afternoon to sundown. We'll get all your singles and also photos of you with your BFF.

  • Hairstyling with additional style on location for both of you

  • Pro airbrushed makeup application and lipstick changes on location for both of you

  • Unlimited outfits (Perk: Sharing your wardrobe)

  • Unlimited locations

  • Use of the wardrobe, accessories, jewelry and hats from our style closet

  • Complimentary wardrobe consultation. Not sure what to wear? We recommend bringing it ALL and we will help you decide what will look best in the photos

  • Water bottles and snacks

  • A discounted session fee ($50 off the normal senior girl session)


After the Session:

  • 2 free mounted 5x7 prints (One for you and one for your BFF)

  • Retouched yearbook photos that we will submit for you

  • Deluxe in person ordering session for each of you -

    A deluxe ordering session is an in person ordering appointment. We don’t want to leave you to look through a confusing online gallery and try to make important decisions.  About 10 days after your shoot, we will meet at the LK Photoshoots lounge where we will watch a slide show of your photo gallery.  You'll see the best 20-30 images from your shoot. We will show you all of the products that we offer so you can touch, feel, and handle them all you want!  We want you to know and fall in love with exactly what you are purchasing before you do!

    During your ordering session, you will order that gorgeous canvas for your wall and decide which photos will go in your custom photo box.  You'll choose which wallets you want to trade with your friends. We can help you decide what photos will go best with your decor and what size would work best in your space.  Our clients love that we can help them decide what goes where and design your storyboard right in front of you, so you know it is exactly what you want!  

    Immediately after your deluxe ordering session we will process your payments and your order will be on its way for you to enjoy!